An Avengers and X-Men crossover movie could happen after Disney-Fox merger. Facebook/Avengers

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has promised “Avengers 4” to have the best story yet from the franchise. The upcoming film will mark an end of a journey that started a decade ago.

In an interview with Toronto Sun, Feige compared the upcoming movie to “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.” Feige said that the best stories can come to an end, but they can also find a way to continue the story. He pointed out that “Episode 6” of “Star Wars” was considered the end for a long time, but then the story continued in the form a prequel trilogy and then the new trilogy.

Feige pointed out that what happened with “Star Wars” hasn’t happened with a superhero movie until now.

“We wanted to do it this way because we think that the best stories have a definitive ending to a storyline. That’s certainly what’s going to happen next year with ‘Avengers 4 ,’” Feige said.

Feige called “Infinity War” and the upcoming “Avengers 4” as the “two of the biggest and most unique adventure films that have ever been made.”

The “Avengers” films are an ensemble of all the major superheroes that each have their own solo movies. Some of these characters have been around for over a decade, while the others have been introduced relatively recently. Feige hoped that the fans will realise that the filmmakers have created long arcs for the all these characters, no matter if they have been around for just three years or for a decade.

“Avengers 4” will be different from “Infinity War” in terms of the tone, Feige teased. He did not confirm whether Thanos (Josh Brolin) will continue to be the main villain in the film. The upcoming movie will introduce new superheroes, while others will not come back in the near future, and it will also set the stage for the future Marvel movies.