A new clip from “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” has surfaced online, along with an interview with Henry Cavill (August Walker). The actor spoke about working with Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), and wanting to do the Halo jump scene for real.

The scene posted on the YouTube channel of Good Morning America shows August having a chat with Ethan. August is curious about the things Ethan has done, and the protagonist is dismissive about it. The scene appears to tease that it was Ethan who caught the main villain in the film Solomon Lane (Sean Harris).

The trailers show Solomon warning about “the end” coming, and blames Ethan for it. It remains to be seen what exactly is the connection between Ethan and the villain, and what new danger the hero and his team are about to face.

There are a lot of stunts and action sequences in the film, and Cavill was keen on one particular stunt that he wanted to do himself. On his first day on the set, Cavill spoke with Director Christopher McQuarrie and Wade Eastwood and told them that he was ready to do any stunt that was legal and didn’t involve him accidentally killing everyone if he messed up.

Cavill got to do most of his stunts himself, but there was one that he didn’t get a chance to do, and that was the Halo jump. The actor said that it was heart-breaking thing for him to not be able to do this stunt because it is on his bucket list. Cruise apparently dissuaded Cavill from going ahead with it.

“Mission: Impossible- Fallout” is set to be released on Aug. 2 in Australia. The plot of the film revolves around Ethan and his team in a race against time after one of their missions goes wrong.