Minecraft Combat Update
The "Minecraft" 1.9 update is finally out with new items and blocks coming for players. Mojang

After a lot of testing, previews and snapshots, Mojang has finally released the latest update for popular building game “Minecraft.” Dubbed as the Combat Update, the “Minecraft” 1.9 update brings several new and improved features.

“Most remarkably, the combat mechanics have been updated to make fighting more interesting and offer more map-making options,” Mojang said in the official blog.

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Among the new items that ca be found in “Minecraft” include shields, elytra, chorus plants, igloos, beetroot and beetroot soup, tipped arrows, spectral arrows and skeleton riders. For the new blocks, there are the Purpur blocks, End Rod blocks, dragon head block, grass path block and the frosted ice block.

Mojang has also included swords that have a special sweep attack and axes with a special crushing blow attack. The End has also been expanded while the Shulker mob is being introduced for the “Minecraft” 1.9 update. The new update follows the recent release of the “Minecraft” skin pack that features the Redstone Specialists skins. The free pack already comes with the Artisan and Composer skins, but the complete set that costs US$1.99 (approx. AU$2.75) features a total of 15 skins.

While PC players and even console players of “Minecraft” are currently enjoying a couple of new updates and items, those who are waiting for the VR version of the game can also look forward to something great. The experience of “Minecraft” via virtual reality headset Oculus Rift seems to be a thing of wonder, especially for one of the game’s fan bases: kids.

According to Wired, the Oculus Rift experience of “Minecraft” will allow the player to experience the game in the same way that the lead character of the title does. No longer will players be confined to just experiencing building on screen—they will now see their creations as they would in life-size. “Minecraft” VR lets players experience a heightened sensation of playing the game, whether it’s in riding a mine cart or going through the dungeons with a torch.

Put better in the words of Oculus Rift developer and founder Palmer Luckey as told to Wired, “It makes it feel like you’re actually inside of the world of ‘Minecraft.’”

What’s even better is how the VR version will let players explore the “Minecraft” world with friends also in VR. Thanks to the servers where the game can be played, it also caters to the game’s other fan bases, which are adults as well. As far as the VR version is concerned, “Minecraft” fans can still expect the game that they have come to love since before.

"Minecraft" 1.9 update (Credit: YouTube/TheCampingRusher)