The beta testing signup for the next PS4 system software update is already underway. PlayStation Blog

The beta version of the latest PS4 system software update is now ready for testing. Known as the Musashi update, the PS4 3.50 system software update brings a number of key features meant to boost the social experience of PS4 users.

Detailed over the PlayStation Blog, the new features will enable easier play with other PS4 users as well as some well-requested features from way back. For PS4 players who want to be updated on when their friends are already online, the Friend Online Notification now has an option for notifications for signed in friends. Another new feature that involves friends is the Play Together, which lets members of a Party see what they are playing to easily join a friend’s game or jump into a new game.

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For solo players, there’s also the “Appear Offline” option via the Profile settings. This will enable players to remain invisible and offline despite logging into the network. But in the event that a player gets interested in setting up play time dates, there is now the User Scheduled Event, which lets players plan gaming sessions together. From then, once the event starts, users who are registered for the event will be added into a party for immediate gameplay.

Dailymotion live streaming can now also be done with the PS4 with the PS4 3.50 system software update. This feature will follow the same pattern as other streaming services, wherein archiving live broadcasts is allowed.

Finally, there is also a more interesting feature that adds Remote Play to both the PC and Mac. However, for those who are looking to sign up for the beta run of the PS4 3.50 system software update won’t be able to try this out just yet.

The beta run for the next PS4 system software update will commence on March 2. However, the actual release date for the PS4 3.50 system software update has yet to be announced. Sony has also hinted that it is possible for additional features to be introduce into the update.

Interested PS4 players who want to take part in the beta program should expect a notification that they have been selected following the beta signups. An email will arrive to detail the instructions for downloading the update.

Interestingly, a new feature that had been awaited and teased for the PS4 may not necessarily land in it. The virtual reality experience for PS4, known as the PS VR, has already seen a couple of games listed for the experience. But an extension of the VR experience may be heading straight for the clouds without passing through the PS4, if a new patent sighting is to be believed.

Digital Trends spotted a patent filed last Feb. 25, which sees Sony filing for a glove-like contraption that is matched with a VR headset and the cloud. Cloud gaming here was mentioned as a way to process the content, which will then be streamed using the headset. There is no mention of the PS4, but this may be a hint as to the further plans that the company has for the VR headset. For now, best to take the patent with a grain of salt, as not all patents come to fruition.

PS4 3.5 system update (Credit: YouTube/JorRaptor)