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Miley Cyrus finally meets the father of her newfound beau, Arnold Schwarzenegger, which may lead to a more serious road for her relationship with Patrick. Miley may not be everyone's cup of tea but 67-year-old actor turned politician has given her the chance to meet for a cosy breakfast in The Kneadery.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley have only started dating this November and it was not yet serious as they were only spotted together on several occasions and may have been just a casual thing for the two young loves. However, everyone was taken aback when the "Bangerz" songstress was found hanging out with the former governor of California in their annual family ski trip in Idaho.

The "We Can't Stop" singer was all bundled up for the meeting and may even be considered conservative for her taste as she ditched her usual provocative style and went for a thick old rose fur coat and black skinny jeans, black boots and bonnet. However, she did have her signature face art - a small pink heart on her left check.

The "Terminator: Genisys" star was also seen wearing an all-black ensemble topped off with a black fedora hat. According to the Daily Mail UK, "Arnold looked amused. He sat near them and just smiled. They all seemed to be in good spirits, laughing and joking around."

Miley and Patrick stayed with their group and was having a ball as Arnold also stayed close to them and had his breakfast with his girlfriend Heather Milligan. Patrick's mom and estranged wife of the "Expendables" star, Maria Shriver, was nowhere to be found.

The cosy breakfast shared by the group lasted for two hours and folks present at the restaurant were also happy to see the new couple. Some even grabbed the opportunity to have their picture taken together with the "Party in the U.S.A" singer.

Patrick did not only spend the holidays together with his new love, but he also spent it with his mom and three other siblings. They even wore matching green pajamas in front of their Christmas tree as shared by Patrick in his Instagram account.

The big man Arnold Schwarzenegger may have given his nod on the two, but we have yet to find out if Maria Shriver will approve of her son's choice of love but Miley Cyrus and Patrick are still inseparable at the moment.

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