Microsoft Surface Book
The logo of Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index listed company Microsoft (MSFT) is seen on a Surface Book in Los Angeles, California, United States, April 22, 2016. Picture taken April 22, 2016. Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

If reports are to be believed, Microsoft is bringing stunning upgrades to its Surface Book, known as the Surface Book 2. The features that are in focus for now is the 4K display and the Kaby Lake processor. Microsoft is offering great discounts on the Surface Book and hence tech enthusiasts believe that the Surface Book 2 is round the corner and that is why Microsoft is in a hurry to clear the inventory of its older devices. The upcoming device will supposedly bring many firsts or its consumers.

According to Tech Times, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is rumoured to have a 13.5-inch 4K display and may be VR-enabled. The Surface Book also sports a 13.5-inch screen but has a screen resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 pixels. The improved display is expected to bring in new customers and in case the device is VR-ready, it will be the icing on the cake. In August 2016, Microsoft shared a teaser image on Instagram that many believed to be the Surface Book 2. It showed some significant design changes and a dynamic fulcrum hinge with lot more ridges.

In order to support 4K display and 3D graphics, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 requires a heavy-duty battery and processor. It has been revealed that the device will come with an impressive battery offering more usage than its predecessor’s 4 hours battery usage. USB Type-C support will also be incorporated. Now that the Intel Kaby Lake processors have already been released, it is expected that Microsoft will use them to power the Surface Book 2. It was rumoured that Microsoft delayed the release of Surface Pro 5 because of the Kaby Lake chipsets.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a release date for the device though the Surface Book 2 is expected to debut in March along with Surface Pro 5 and may have a starting price of US$1,499 (AU$1,900). Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Surface products.