Surface Book i7
A Microsoft Surface Book i7 laptop rests on a tabletop at an event in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., October 26, 2016. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Microsoft’s Surface Book was released in October 2015 and since then the company’s first laptop has garnered positive reviews. Naturally, fans are now excited about a possible Surface Book 2 that will have its specs and features upgraded. Microsoft recently released the Surface Book i7 with various improvements, better battery capacity and updated processor.

However, the Surface Book i7 is not the Surface Book 2 and fans want the latter as soon as possible. As is the case with many other anticipated devices, Microsoft too is reportedly waiting for the Kaby Lake processors so that it can incorporate the chipset in the device. It can either include the i5 or i7 processor, reports Tech Times.

Thus, it is impossible to know the exact release date of the Surface Book 2 though it can be expected in 2017. An August Instagram post by Microsoft hinted at a new hinge system for the Surface Book 2. It will reportedly have fewer ridges compared to the current Surface Book. The current hinge creates a gap when the device is closed and it is because of this that Microsoft is looking to redesign the hinge.

The Intel Kaby Lake chipsets will definitely help in improving the overall performance of the device. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 will reportedly support 4K videos because of the chipset and the 13.5-inch display will have a screen resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Certain reports have also claimed that the device will be released with VR capability though the credibility of these reports is a problem.

Tech enthusiasts have already widely compared the Surface Book with Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016. In terms of battery life, screen resolution and pricing, the Surface Book stood out as the winner. An upgraded Microsoft Surface Book 2 will only widen this gap until and unless Apple also comes up with an upgrade.