Microsoft comes back swinging, likely contender against Apple this holiday

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A reporter looks around a display of Microsoft China Center One during a media tour in Beijing April 14, 2015.
A reporter looks around a display of Microsoft China Center One during a media tour in Beijing April 14, 2015. The center which has various displays showcases Microsoft inspired innovation in China, the company said. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Microsoft is catching up to Apple both on the product and consumer ends. Its Microsoft Surface Book has been receiving praises, while a new study suggests that Microsoft ranks next to Apple in terms of consumer delight -- almost a close call. Is Microsoft Apple's next best rival?
Apple has owned or laid claimed to owning people's delight given its fanbase. True enough, its products continue to sell and make the company among the most profitable players today. However, it might be a close call this year with Microsoft right behind. At least, this is according to a study from Argus Insights. Its "Battle of the Brands 2015" report looks into people's feelings on different tech products and brands. According to the researchers, Microsoft has been scoring positive under consumer's emotive areas since January, thanks to the company's rebranding efforts on the Nokia and Microsoft Pro 3 product lines.
"Unlike Google and Amazon, which offer inexpensive hardware offerings meant to entice more consumers to visit their gardens more often, Microsoft has focused on crafting new experiences built on solid hardware that is delighting consumers," the authors noted in the study.
"Samsung, without a strong content play, is just leasing space in the gardens of other brands," they added.

According to The Motley Fool, it seemed unthinkable but Microsoft did the impossible: change its ways. 
"The implications are farther-reaching than this piece can succinctly capture, but for the first time in memory, Microsoft finally enjoys software and hardware capable of competing with mobile powers like Apple," wrote Andrew Tonner.
Microsoft's laptop is stealing the show, convincing several tech publications that Microsoft finally understood what it needs to do to become a top player once more: adopt some of Apple's hardware philosophy. It has moved beyond creating products for an affordable price. Rather, the company focused its efforts on a notebook that people will actually want to use. This gives Microsoft a standing chance against Apple these coming holidays. 
Forbes also believed the same thing as Ewan Spence pointed out Microsoft Surface's improving hardware since its launch in 2012. He considered the laptop-focused Surface Book that will have the most commercial impact.
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