“Metal Gear Solid” franchise is probably one of the best and well-known games that has ever been made. The title was also rumoured to have a possible big screen remake back in 2006. But further development of the idea was suddenly put to a halt and was kept in the dark. Now there is a slim chance that the movie remake project might start to materialise.

When talking about fan base, the “Metal Gear Solid” game has its army to boast about. But the idea of making a movie out of it will definitely gather even more followers. With a long line of franchises from the game itself, there could be a huge possibility of several sequels for the movie in the future.

American film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was originally chosen to handle the remake project a few years back. But a bigger project was offered to him, further stopping the movie’s production. Roberts chose to prioritise the movie reboot of "King Kong," “Kong: Skull Island,” which is expected to be released in March.

Now that his recent project is set to debut in a matter of weeks, the “King’s of Summer” director is once again ready to take on the “Metal Gear” project that has been long overdue since it was first proposed to him in 2014. Roberts will also be focusing on the game plot, which tackles spies, terrorism and stealth missions, and turn it into a movie-worthy project.

The director has shown his passion and respect for the “Metal Gear” game. He emphasised that the aforementioned game is the most important franchise on the planet for him. He also revealed that he has recently worked and collaborated with the game’s director and producer, Hideo Kojima. Currently, the two of them are working on the script for the movie. These were the director’s thoughts during an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub.

Roberts also assured the fans that he will “fight tooth and nail to make sure that it [the move] is done properly.” He promised that this movie will not be just a rip-off of other action movies like “G.I. Joe" or “Mission: Impossible.” He further stressed that “Metal Gear Solid needs to be exactly what it needs to be, which is Metal Gear Solid.”

Roberts also pointed out his idea regarding the movie’s action sequences and R-rated scenes. He plans to stay true to the original storyline and feel of the game. As of the moment, Roberts is not concerned if the movie is set to be R-rated or PG-13. The most important thing for him is how to get the best version of the game and how to portray it in a movie.

There is still no news as to when the production of the “Metal Gear Solid” movie will start or what's the target date for its release. Fans and movie enthusiasts can rest assured that the movie is starting to move forward.