A boy with fake handcuffs on his hands attends an anti-Saudi protest in Sanaa, Yemen November 27, 2016. Reuters/Mohamed al-Sayaghi

Border Force has referred several children accused of committing serious crimes in Victoria for deportation. Among those referred for deportation are members and associates of the alleged Apex gang.

According to a police spokeswoman, the police had “an established process with the Australian Border Force regarding offenders who have committed serious criminal offences and meet the requirement for visa cancellations under the Migration Act.” Some of these offenders, the spokeswoman said, were “allegedly associated with the Apex gang.”

Members of the Apex gang have been known to commit crimes including carjackings and burglaries in Melbourne. In March of last year, the members were allegedly involved in a brawl in Melbourne’s CBD at the time of the annual Moomba Festival.

At present, children are exempted from deportation. However, in the wake of the growing crime wave, a parliamentary committee is considering expanding the law to include deportation of minors. Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton called for the government to "do more than they've done in recent times" to curb the issue of violent crimes. Speaking with 3AW, Dutton said, "This country has been made great by migration because people have come here, in many cases trying to escape the ravages of war, of unrest and conflict, of terrorism and they want to come to a country that's safe."

Dutton added, "Unfortunately over recent times the activity of the Apex gangs and others have meant Melbourne is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. This should send a very clear message to these people, if they cherish the life they lead here in Australia, they need to start respecting Australians and abide by the law."

One of the members of the Apex gang has been deported to New Zealand. According to the Herald Sun, 19-year-old Henry Robati was sent back in April last year. Three others will be ousted from the country after they serve their jail time.

New measures, including more police, have been announced by the State Government to combat the growing concern of gang violence. Following the riots at detention centres at Parkville, Melbourne's inner north and Malmsbury in central Victoria, several youth offenders have been transferred to the Grevillea Unit at Barwon Prison.