Melbourne Earthquake Funny Tweets: Shock Meets Humour on Twitter [PHOTO]

Terror subsides, humour comes in
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The Aussies got #Melbquake and #earthquake trending on Twitter following the Melbourne earthquake around 8:55 Tuesday night.

"It was about 10 kilometres south-west of the city of Moe. It happened pretty close to the surface of the Earth. And with shallow earthquakes, they can be felt in a pretty wide area," Allison Caldwell, geophysicist from the US Geological Survey in Colorado, told ABC radio.

Geoscience Australia's Web site crashed due to huge demand of information from Aussie web users immediately after the quake.

When the Geoscience Web site came back, it announced the quake was the biggest in Victoria in 109 years. It also reported the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.3 and not 5.5 as earlier reported.

Australians are relieved to know that the quake did not result in any major damages or injuries. The Aussies are now moving on to the humorous side of the news.

Below are some amusing tweets related to the Melbourne earthquake that had also shaken suburbs in the Victorian state.

@chrisurquhart: Hey I just met you...and this is quakey...if you were sleeping...then wakey wakey. #melbquake

@MetroTrains_PR: Delays caused by tonight's #melbquake are expected to continue for the next two years. Please listen for announcements #metrotrains

‏@arozenbachs: EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Tsunami alert has been issued for those standing one centimetre from shoreline. #MelbQuake #Earthquake

@ABCnewsIntern: Melbourne: OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?! New Zealand: You call THAT an earthquake? #melbquake

@sialater: BREAKING: Karise booked for earthquake relief concert to help impacted families and repair an estimated $7.00 worth of damage. #melbquake

@unilibrary: Some of our books just moved on the shelves for the first time in years #melbquake

@StephenFenech: Apparently Gina Rinehart dropped her purse in Melbourne...... #melbquake

@samahhadid: #melbquake became a hashtag before the earthquake ended, oh tweeting will be our demise

@PaulHMusic: Wait...shouldn't I have been freaking out instead of tweeting about it? I would be no good in a bigger natural disaster...#MelbQuake

@Sonictail: So #melbquake... please tell me the tremors stopped BEFORE you started tweeting.

Finally, Twitter user @m_atthew thought there is one photo that best shows what the Aussies will "rebuild" after the Melbourne earthquake:

Melbquake Trends on Twitter
Humour Finds the Aussies on Twitter following the shocking quake that rocked Melbourne and a huge part of Victoria on Tuesday night. Photo credit: Twitter user @m_atthew
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