Melania Trump
First Lady Melania Trump and US President Donald Trump (not pictured) attend the 60th Annual Red Cross Gala at Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, US, February 4, 2017. Reuters/Carlos Barria

Melania Trump has responded to Kathy Griffin's tweet on Tuesday, a photo of a decapitated US President Donald Trump. In a statement, the FLOTUS called the controversial image “very disturbing” and even questioned the comedian’s mental state.

The first lady said that as a mother, a wife and a human being, she finds the image disturbing. “When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it,” she added as per the New York Post.

The US president also reacted to Griffin's post, saying she must be ashamed of herself. In a tweet, he shared that his children, particularly his 11-year-old son Barron, are “having a hard time” with the decapitated photo.

TMZ reports that Barron was watching television at home when he saw the image, a prop depicting the POTUS’ bloodied severed head. He initially thought something happened to his father.

Kathy Griffin apologises

Meanwhile, CNN has also announced the firing of Griffin from its annual New Year's Eve coverage after the photo spread on social media. The 56-year-old issued an apology late Tuesday via a 31-second video posted online. In the clip, she admitted going too far and making a mistake. She said she asked photographer Tyler Shields to have the image removed from the internet.

However, that was not enough to keep her job. She had co-hosted CNN's annual New Year's Eve coverage for the past ten years.

CNN’s communications division took to Twitter to announce that it has terminated its agreement with Griffin to appear on its New Year's Eve program. The network previously said it was "evaluating" its New Year's Eve coverage and said the photo was "disgusting and offensive.”

Donald Jr, the eldest son of the POTUS, and defeated 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney also slammed the photo. Donald Jr currently runs the family’s business in New York.

In a tweet, Romney said that politics have becomes too base, too low and too vulgar, but argued that Griffin's post descends into even more repugnant territory. Even Hilary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was not happy about the photo. "It is never funny to joke about killing a president," she tweeted.

Democratic Senator from Minnesota Al Franken told MSNBC that the photo has no place within a political dialogue. Franken was a former comedian on long-running television show Saturday Night Live.

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