Med-X, Inc. leads cannabis industry in banning pesticides for truly organic weed

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Cannabis Farming
A worker harvest buds of marijuana in a medicinal cannabis farm, approved for medical use and under the supervision of the government's agricultural service during the harvest season between March and April in the town of Quinamavida in Linares city, Chile March 24, 2016. Picture taken March 24, 2016. Reuters/Juan Gonzalez

Modern farming techniques give way to mass production, thus relying heavily on pesticides and damaging fertilisers. While production rate may be high, the harvest may cause more harm to the body and damage to the environment due to “inorganic” cultivation. Today, more than ever, producers should aim for quality over quantity.

Cannabis or marijuana cultivation is no exception to the call for organic farming — a healthier and more environment-conscious method of cultivation. In fact, it is imperative that the industry adopts it fast, as the massive growth of the cannabis industry, produced for both medical and recreational purposes, is gaining traction in the country. Twenty-three out of the 50 states have approved the legal medical use of marijuana , including Alaska, Arizona, New York and Washington.

Seniseeds lists potential benefits of organically growing cannabis, especially for medical purposes. Farming organic weed utilises environment-friendly processes and products, such as sunlight and non-toxic chemicals, as opposed to the usual substantial amount of artificial energy and pest control techniques.

Organically growing cannabis also improves yield, provided optimum conditions are met — from soils to organic fertilisers. While commercial cannabis growers have raised concerns on the possibility of yield reduction in growing organic weed, innovations have proven these perceptions wrong. Med-X Inc. has pioneered in the innovation of natural products and organic cultivation practice with an improvement in yield.

The Los Angeles-based medical cannabis company is founded by seasoned medical professionals, leaders and investors with the aim of revolutionising the cannabis industry through innovation, education and cultivation. According to the Marijuana Times , Med-X is also first to run in a Reg A+ equity crowdfunding campaign in the cannabis industry.

Med-X, Inc. has identified the use of Nature-Cide All Purpose Insecticide, its licensed, all-natural pesticide for the advanced cultivation of cannabis. Med-X, Inc. co-founder and chief operating officer, Matthew Mills, in a Criticl article, explains the advantages of their breakthrough invention.

“We are releasing a new all natural insecticidal soil, our special proprietary blend refined through research. The soil protects the roots of the plant from pests while producing the kinds of crop yields cultivators hope for and expect,” Mills said.

Modern science and innovation, particularly Med-X’s, have opened doors for the medical application of the once-prohibited and now-regulated plant. Various methods of farming also created avenues for cultivating healthier and safer cannabis which can be legally used for medical purposes.