'OITNB' Star Ruby Rose With McLaren Formula One Drivers Heikki Kovalainen, Lewis Hamilton
McLaren Formula One drivers Heikki Kovalainen (L) of Finland and Lewis Hamilton (R) of Britain joke with Australian entertainment personality Ruby Rose after a pit stop practice session at the Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne March 28, 2009. Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Following reports about McLaren's comeback this season's Formula One under a new colour is McLaren's intention to sell title sponsorship. It is very firm for McLaren to state that it has no intention of underselling its title sponsorship space. According to this F1 top team, they'll rather continue without a major backer than sell the sponsorship space cheaply.

The last sponsorship deal of McLaren was with Vodafone. The sponsorship contract expired on 2013-- two years to date McLaren still has no sponsor found. Its 2013 initial plan right after the contract with Vodafone expired was to announce a new deal but the same stretched in full length until 2014 without McLaren getting a new deal.

However, the lack of sponsor is pretty well dealt by McLaren. In fact, according to their racing director Eric Boullier when he was asked about the possibility of sealing a deal over the winter Boullier expressed his understanding for people who want to know about the dates when McLaren will be getting a new sponsor.

However, for the racing director, to give a date when in truth, they don't know really when they will get one is rather arrogant-sounding. It's not because McLaren doesn't need sponsorship, it's just that they're not rushing things like other teams and end up selling sponsorship really cheap. He further said that even without a sponsor, McLaren can stand alone.

The McLaren racing director also magnified Honda's contribution to making McLaren look more attractive. Honda has become McLaren's engine supplier in 2015 following their contract's expiration with Mercedes. Boullier said that for people who are due diligent, the seriousness of McLaren and Honda is no joke and everybody knows resources will be put to it just to make their comeback in this season's F1 successful.

Meanwhile, former McLaren tester Gary Paffet is unsure of McLaren's potential with Honda, which was its successful partner of the 80s. "To succeed, Honda will need to reach Mercedes' level, which will be very difficult," Gary Paffet said.

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