The so-called predictions of the Mayans about the end of the world on Dec. 21 are all a result of misunderstanding, says a NASA documentary. This echoes other scientists' claim that things got lost in the translation of Mayan calendar texts. Still, doomsday preppers choose not to be complacent. 'Better prepared than sorry,' they say. But what can they still do in a week's time?

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The truth is any day can be someone or some people's doom. Typhoon floodings, earthquakes and other natural disasters claim thousands of lives each year. Wars of different kinds have been killing countless people in world history. Personal and domestic troubles sometimes result in a killing spree, too.

Consider the senseless shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut where 20 children were killed on Dec. 14. Six adults were also killed in the violent tragedy. The 20-yr-old gunman is suspected of having shot dead his own mother. After his shooting spree, he reportedly killed himself, too.

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Rumours have surfaced that the mother of gunman Adam Lanza was a doomsday prepper who hoarded food and collected weapons in preparation of America's economic collapse. One person's idea of disaster preparedness may be too strange for another. However, if all doomsday preppers would cause or pose no harm to another, it can't be too bad in the end.

A Mayan calendar doomsday believer should live well. If a person insists on believing in the end of the world predictions, their fears should be managed well - by themselves or those close to them. Others must not get hurt or be placed in great risk because of any action done out of panic and fear.

It is one thing to believe that the world is going to end on Dec. 21. It is another to cause self or others harm because of such a belief.

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A large crowd was expected to gather on top of a supposedly mystical French mountain on Dec. 21 to wait for a UFO savior. Some people have built expensive underground bunkers aka doomsday shelters. Different folks, different doomsday strokes. It is difficult to imagine all the elaborate plans of the doomsday preppers. But there is a simple thing they can do for their own good and for those around them: just live well without causing harm or posing threats to anyone or themselves.

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