Mass Effect Andromeda Characters
Mass Effect: Andromeda characters in the second official cinematic trailer. YouTube/ Mass Effect

BioWare knows it has to start somewhere to get "Mass Effect: Andromeda" back on track, and it all starts with the upcoming patch 1.08. Bugs and fixes will expectedly lead the list of priorities, but an interesting expanded male romance involving Scott Ryder should be equally interesting.

For those who've played "Mass Effect: Andromeda," Scott Ryder did not have a same-sex squadmate available as a romance option, according to the BioWare blog. With the intent of completing the three romances, patch 1.08 addresses the issue where Scott may now spark a fling with Jaal.

The upcoming change for "Mass Effect: Andromeda" hopes to make it more realistic, seeing how relationships among crew members can spice up other facets of the game. BioWare has made the necessary consultations with members of the LGBTQ community in an effort to make sure it covers important aspects before carrying out modifications.

Beyond that, a look at the release notes for patch 1.08 shows more notable improvements ahead. These include expanded options in the character creation, Nomad upgrades to Shield Crafting, improvement to vendors such as the ability to carry weapons and modifications. Even the dialogue involving Ryder and Hainly Abram underwent improvements.

Likewise expected are further improvements to performance and visuals. BioWare did address that with previous updates, though there is still room for improvement. The point of it all is that the company has not given up on improving the game, and the updates are small steps towards nullifying the negative image "Andromeda" initially gave.

As mentioned in a previous post, "Andromeda" paled in comparison to previous instalments. BioWare had intended to start anew but the intent somehow overlooked certain parts of the game, which resulted to plenty of disappointed gamers.

A previous update addressed the missing Quarian race, something that may eventually be fixed via future DLC. With new features coming, it seems BioWare has decided to address issues and improve features at the same time.

In the same post, it was mentioned that BioWare planned to prioritize bugs and tackle game improvements later on. After huddling up, it may be possible that it has have identified areas that need improvement to delight gamers. "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.