Marvel Future Fight 2.9
In-game screenshot of Marvel Future Fight game logo and new villain, Dormammu Netmarble

In relation to the latest "Marvel Future Fight" update that showcased the New Attilan map for patch 2.9.0, new members will be added into the game. This includes the addition of the new heroes under the “Inhuman” class of the game. Players are sure to expect a major patch upgrading this coming update.

According to Mobirum, Netmarble games' official community board, the so called Inhuman Royal Family will be making their way into the game in this upcoming "Marvel Future Fight" update. But along with them comes a so called Dark Ruler that is bound to bring havoc in the game.

First off, there is a total of seven new champions that will be added into the game’s playable roster. These heroes come from different Marvel universes but have one thing in common: All are Inhuman.

One of these seven new characters include the pintsize hero Moon Girl and her trusty side kick Devil Dinosaur. Apart from her dino-bodyguard, she will be having several active skills that she can use. These include the Air Raid Siren, Taser Punch, Soda Bomb, Moon Beam and Bubble Pop. All of these attacks give of energy damages to her targets and at the same time stun them for a few seconds.

The next champion is Karnak. He has a total of five active skills that players can use throughout the battles. These are Slide-Splitter, Gale, Composure, Charging Strike and Death Chop. All of these skills are based mostly on physical damages and attacks towards his enemies.

Gorgon is the third character to be included in the Inhuman Royal Family. Unlike Karnak, Gorgon’s active skills do not only deal physical damage against his foes but also project several passive damages such as stun, bind and decrease defence. These skills are Storming Party, Mace Throw, War Cry, Seismic Shocks and War Stomp.

Inferno is the fourth character that is added in the game. This fireball Inhuman also has a total of five active skills. All of these attacks will induce fire damage to all of his enemies. His five skills are Burning Fist, Incineration, Blazing Storm, Ignition and Volcano Burst.

Crystal will also be joining the game and with her she brings all of the earth’s elements as her weapon. Her wide array of active skills and how it will affect her targets depend on the type of element she will use. These skill are Cyclone, Flame Manipulation, Watersprout, Elemental Fusion and Veil of the Earth.

The mad scientist Maximus will be the sixth addition to the game. His attacks will both give massive energy damage and lightning damage towards his target. At the same time, he will also use illusions as one of his skills. These skills include Deadly Invention, Lunatic Control, Electric Barrier, Ultimate Weapon and Evil Trick.

The final addition to the game is also the so called Dark Ruler, Dormammu. He uses his massive firepower to inflict fire damage during battles. His attacks include Lava Extrusion, Dread Flame, Deadly Laser, Flame Shield and Dark Dimension.

These seven new characters will be available on different areas of the "Marvel Future Fight" update. For Moon Girl, Gorgon, Crystal and Maximus, they are available through the Inhumans Special Missions. Inferno on the other hand will be available as a shifter of the above mentioned mission and through the Biometrics Daily product. Finally, Dormammu will be available through the quest pack The Ruler of Dark Dimensions. Players should expect the release of this major patch around the mid of February to early March.