Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart sits on the witness stand during testimony in Manhattan Supreme Court March 5, 2013 in New York Reuters/David Handschuh/New Yo

Martha Stewart reveals that she does not watch nor have interest to watch “Orange is the New Black” (OINTB). Stewart did some actual jail time some years ago for a white collar crime.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Stewart was asked how come she did not watch the series. Initially, she was asked if it hit too close to home. In 2004, Stewart did some time in jail. She spent five month inside for lying to federal agents, conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to the ImClone insider trading scandal, Vanity Fair recalls.

Martha then explained that she was able to experience the real thing, pertaining to her time in prison. She added that if you have lived through going inside a women’s prison, just like the TV series’ main setting, one will realise that the real characters are better.

Looking back on her prison days, she was asked what they watched inside. Stewart said that as an inmate, TV time meant watching BET television all the time, FOX News reported. She said that she needed to get up quite early in order to see the news. For times that she wanted to see the stock market and monitor it, she said that she had to get up very early so she could watch it by herself in the TV area.

However, the show’s cast must not take offence, though. When Martha was asked by Handler if she watched other must see series like “Game of Thrones,” she also said that she has not seen even one episode. She even emphasised that she made a movie with Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, a major character in the show.

Handler asked her if she watched “Breaking Bad.” Martha’s opinion is that she cannot bring herself to see the popular meth making TV series simply because the characters that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston portray are “such ugly people.”

The interview on Martha’s take on the TV show arose because the TV series is about to delve deeper into a character named Judy King (Blair Brown).This new character plays the part of a celebrity chef. She also had her own TV show. The series introduced her character during the finale episode for Season 3. King appeared in the penitentiary to self-surrender. Charges against her involved tax evasion. Clearly, this story line is an acknowledgement of Martha Stewart, Vanity Fair says.

“Orange is the New Black” returns to Netflix in the US for Season 4 on June 17.