Cara Delevingne
British model Cara Delevingne takes a selfie as she arrives for the Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 collection during London Fashion Week September 21, 2015. Reuters/Toby Melville

When Enchantress and Harley Quinn bond over tequila, everybody is in awe. Even though that’s not a “Suicide Squad” spoiler, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie did do the same when they met for the first time briefly at an event in Windsor Castle. The two beauties, who are on the cover of LOVE Magazine, look amazing in their ‘80s gal-pal style. But how did the deadly duo get to know each other?

“We met at an event at Windsor Castle, but only really briefly. I know this sounds like I just rub shoulders with royals all the time, but Prince William was at the event. It was that kind of thing, a super-fancy event,” Robbie told Daily Mail.

When a waitress asked her if she would like some water or champagne, Robbie muttered to friend Sophia Kerr, “God, I want a tequila.” That’s when Delevingne, who was only a few metres away from the Australian beauty said, “Did someone say tequila?” Robbie knew the two would end up becoming best friends even though she saw her for the first time.

“I genuinely love her. I do. I’ve done very intense projects with people that I haven’t stayed in contact with, so I know it from both sides,” Robbie said of Delevingne.

“The Legend of Tarzan” star also opened up about the intense shooting schedule she had to follow when doing the Aussie soap “Neighbours.”

“I would sit in the make-up chair in the morning with 60 pages on my lap and I would have to sometimes learn those 60 pages in half an hour. That’s what I did every morning, for three years straight. It became like a new muscle once I got into it. Now, when I go on set I’m like, ‘Oh, I only have to learn 12 lines today? How amazing,’” she added.