As it is nearing its 50th Anniversary episode, long running show "Doctor Who" has been making the press rounds lately. The latest exploit of the Doctor is none other than Buckingham Palace to meet with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. To be precise, the Countess did not just meet with one Doctor but four, as well as two Daleks, the TARDIS and two companions, and that's not counting a robot dog sidekick.

The reception was headed by the current Doctor, Matt Smith, and the former Time Lord incarnations Tom Baker, John Hurt and Peter Davison. The companions, Catherine Tate and Jenna Coleman also paid a visit to the palace.

Mr Smith said that the Countess talked to him about watching the series as a child and admitted being frightened of the Daleks, the Doctor's number one nemesis. Thankfully there were more than one Time Lords to make sure that the Palace stayed intact.

The Anniversary episode of the longest running science fiction show will be set to air on Saturday, Nov. 23. It will be broadcast simultaneously in 84 countries. Mr Smith admitted to feeling a bit nostalgic about leaving the show later this year as he saw the cast and crew at the reception.

"It's a great job but I left, so no point crying over spilt milk, is there?" the eleventh Doctor said. He also joked that he wouldn't mind coming back in 50 years for another anniversary episode should they want him back. Peter Capaldi, who was once a guest in the series in the episode "The Fires of Pompeii," will be set to take over Time Lord duties come Christmas day as the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor.

Also in attendance were two local children from Cardiff, Gladstone Primary and Mount Stuart Primary, who won a competition to design a TARDIS for the Queen. The TARDIS is, of course, the transportation device of choice for the time travelling Doctor.

One of the winning designs elicited delight as it was made to look like it was made from gold with a union flag painted on front complete with doggy doors for the Queen's corgis.