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Australia's First Euthanasia Clinic to Open By November 24

With Independent MP Bob Such's Ending Life with Dignity bill creating such a huge discussion in parliament, it's only timely that Australia's first euthanasia clinic should also be discussed. Dr Philip Nitschke, voluntary euthanasia campaigner and Exit International director, confirmed that by November 24 the clinic and laboratory will be open.

A New Reason To Celebrate With Some Bubbly: Champagne May Improve Memory

Scientists have found that drinking champagne can improve your memory. A study published in the journal Antioxidants & Redox Signaling said some celebratory bubbly could increase one's working spatial memory, an area in the brain vital for undertaking complex tasks and dealing with numbers.

Lucky Sophie: Sophie Wessex Meets Four Doctors at Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Reception

As it is nearing its 50th Anniversary episode, long running show "Doctor Who" has been making the press rounds lately. The latest exploit of the Doctor is none other than Buckingham Palace to meet with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. To be precise, the Countess did not just meet with one Doctor but four, as well as two Daleks, the TARDIS and two companions, and that's not counting a robot dog sidekick

Cheating Scandal: Adelaide Med Students Caught Cheating in Reproductive Health Exam

A serious breach in scholastic conduct was brought to the attention of Adelaide University when some of its fifth year class were caught cheating on a reproductive health exam. Twelve students have now come forward admitting to the offense and the university is expecting more to come forward. The university was alerted by an anonymous tipper.

Adelaide Taxi Drivers Afraid Of Recurring Night Beatings

Taxis play a major part in the urban landscape and nearly impossible to picture a city without them. Cabbies of Adelaide have something to be fearful about. There has been an increase in nighttime beatings that have taken place in recent months. Many drivers have avoided driving at night to escape the wave of violent assaults.

Scientists Speculate On How Many Body Parts Remain Undiscovered

Oftentimes, even the best of the human race can be dumbfounded by how much we still don't know about our own bodies. In current scientific studies, discovery of a new layer in the cornea and a previously unknown ligament in the knee have been humbling reminders of how complex our anatomy is.

What Type Of Drinker Are You: Scientists Want To Know

A sample population of Australia's young adults were part of the study to determine their drinking behavior as conducted by the RMIT University. The study aimed to identify the role of alcohol in today's society and possible alternatives to the social activity.

Royal Commission Looks Into North Coast Children's Home's History Of Child Abuse

Decades after the abuse, hearings for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will be opened in Sydney, Nov. 18. With startling allegations of maltreatment and cruelty between 1940 and 1980, it is estimated that close to 200 children were sexually or physically abused at the North Coast Children's Home in Lismore.

Australia's Top Anxieties: A Survey Of What Keeps the Country Up at Night

A new survey has shown that Australians don't necessarily worry about issues that are most likely to have lasting effects in their lives. Sexual abuse and road safety were the foremost in citizen's mind. For instance, in terms of road safety, a large percentage was worried about driving under the influence of drugs.

Trendy Fruit-Flavored Sheesha Just As Bad As Cigarettes

Fruit-flavored tobacco sheesha is the newest trend in social (non) smoking in Melbourne. While it has previously packaged as a less harmful alternative experience to actually smoking, more studies show it is almost exactly like smoking. The fruit flavor is not just an added factor, but actually masks the effects of tobacco.

Latest Synthetic Drugs Usher in New Drug Age

The war on drugs may take a new turn, as reports suggest that the popularity of synthetic drugs may be on the rise. Annual surveys focusing on drug use and general drug information suggest that most users prefer taking chemically enhanced drug products like ecstasy, LSD and ketamine.

Another Earth: Dead Planet May Reveal Earth's Future

The ghost of Earth's future has been found-- that is to say scientists have discovered the remains of a minor planet that's remarkably similar to our own. According to findings, the residue of the destroyed planet has traces of an abundant water source, much like our own. It was found through NASA's Hubble Space Telescope as well as the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

Classic Doctor: Lost 'Doctor Who' Episodes Surface in Nigeria

There's a new reason for Whovians to celebrate as nine lost episodes of Doctor Who were found in Nigeria of all places. The black and white footages are reportedly from the time of the second incarnation of the Doctor, portrayed by Patrick Troughton.

From Ghost Disguises to Miley: A History of Halloween Costumes

Halloween night -- the one night where you can be anything you want, literally. Always dreamed of being a rock star? Done. What about a zombie cat or a classic cartoon character with a sexy twist? Check and check. You'll be seeing dozens by the time Halloween rolls around.

Pharell Williams Marries Helen Lasichanh in Star-Studded Wedding

Pharell Williams married his girlfriend of 5 years, Helen Lasichanh, in a celebrity-filled wedding las Saturday, Oct. 12. The multi-awarded singer-songwriter-producer and his model bride were wed among family and friends in Miami at the Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Sarcasm: Training Kids To Recognize What Words Really Mean

A new study published by Frontiers in Psychology has suggested that kids can learn more by having the ability to differentiate sarcasm from a literal statement. Penny Pexman, co-author of the study, said for kids to to understand sarcasm better, they have to think about what the person means instead of listening to what they are saying.

Eating Raw Food A Secret to Eternal Youth - Expert

People spend countless time, energy and money on finding quick fixes to looking young. Creams, diets and pills are being discovered for every problem and possibly have an effect in the future. But for Susan Reynolds, the secret to maintaining a youthful glow is to skip hot meals and go raw.

Beware: Threat Of Chikungunya Virus To Aussie Households

Chikungunya is a threatening virus that most Australians have no idea what they could get, which may be transmitted through mosquito bites. Common to Asia and Africa, the illness is characterized by rashes around the body and severe joint pains felt for months after in contact with the illness.

Krokodil, Russia's 'Homemade Heroin,' Spreads Across U.S.

Krokodil, or desomorphine as it is called medically, is being spotted at an alarming rate in some U.S. states. The drug which originated from Russia uses toxic components such as lighter fluid, codeine pills, paint thinner and matchboxes to make a cheaper and more horrifying form of heroin. Just how horrifying, you ask? Those addicted to the drug develop scaly skin (much like a crocodile, hence its name) as the drug destroys tissue and blood vessels. A flesh eating drug that acts more rapidly on...

Held At Gunpoint: Adverse Effects Of 'Distracted Living'

With many people now constantly stuck on their handheld devices, from tablets to smartphones, we live in a world of screens. When Nikhom Thephakaysone brought out a .45 caliber gun in a crowded Muni train, no one noticed him. Thephakaysone brandished the weapon several times but no one saw him as the passengers were all too busy checking their mails and updating their Facebooks.

Justin Bieber Caught Smoking? Again?!

The Biebs does it again! Well, allegedly. TMZ revealed that there might be one more incident of the young pop star lighting up a joint at another party with a girl who suspiciously looks like singer Ariana Grande.

Kanye West Squashes Twitter Beef With Jimmy Kimmel

As far as celebrity feuds go, there is no one better than Kanye West to elevate things to international news. When he took to Twitter to rant about Jimmy Kimmel's spoof of his BBC interview last Sept., things became a little heated between the two. All was forgiven (though certainly not forgotten) between the two when West appeared in Kimmel's show to clear the air and make peace with the late night talk show host.

Verdict of Aussie's Notorious Murderer Set For Review

The verdict of William Patrick Mitchell is set to be reviewed this weekend, Oct. 13, by the Parole Review Board. Any comment or recommendation given by the Board will have to be reviewed by the attorney general. Should he be seen as fit for parole, the governor will have to sign off if he has to return to society.