A poster of TV series "Lucifer." Lucifer/ Facebook

“Lucifer” season 4 will be introducing a big new character to spice things up for Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Inbar Lavi plays Eve, the character from the Bible who committed the first sin by eating the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. A first look picture of this character has been released online, and Eve is quite different from what some fans may expect.

According to a report by EntertainmentWeekly, Eve has left Adam after spending thousands of years with him, and she is now back to get together with the Devil. Morningstar was the person who tempted Eve in the first place and it isn’t clear why she is seeking him out now after such a long time.

Does Eve want revenge? Or is she looking for something more with Morningstar? The fans will have to wait and watch the show to find out.

The first picture of Eve shows her at a nightclub having an apple martini, which is a nod to her sin in the Garden of Eden. She looks cheerful and ready to have some fun in the picture.

Details about what Eve is doing on Earth are currently being kept under wraps. The character’s mission and the plot will be revealed when the first trailer of the next season is released online.

The entry of Eve may add some complication in the Morningstar and Chloe (Lauren German) relationship. A big part of the next season will be about the detective’s reaction after finding out that her partner is indeed the Devil.

“I was very excited that we were finally gonna do that, and I think we had sort of earned that moment over three seasons,” Ellis previously said about Chloe finding out the truth. “Obviously, we’re gonna take on where we left off in terms of the repercussions of that reveal. That’s gonna be a big part of season 4.”