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There will be a bachelorette party in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 22, and this is one party that Morningstar (Tom Ellis) will not be invited to. A preview video of the next episode shows Chloe (Lauren German) having fun, but Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) will have a plan of her own.

A promo video posted online [see below] shows Chloe trying to have some fun in a party. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) has this brilliant idea of throwing a bachelorette party for the soon to be bride. After the emotional rollercoaster ride that the detective has been on, she could use some distraction.

There will strippers who will be hired, and some old friends will be invited. Charlotte will attend the party, but with an agenda. The lawyer wants to manipulate Chloe into leaving Marcus (Tom Welling) and getting together with Morningstar, something that she believes is god’s plan.

In a private conversation, Charlotte can be seen scaring Chloe with data about the rising divorce rates in Los Angeles. Readers should note that the detective has already been hurt by Marcus leaving her that night when she almost told him she has fallen in love. But, the lawyer may not succeed so easily in her attempts, as Trixie is rooting for the marriage.

Another character who is keen on the marriage is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). What will the demon do after she finds out that Pierce is no longer immortal? Will the groom die right before he says “I Do”?

It isn’t clear if Maze too will be there at the party, but the fans can expect something big there. According to the plot synopsis, Chloe will “rethink a life-changing decision.”

Where will Morningstar be while all of this is going on with Chloe? According to the synopsis, the devil will team up with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) to solve a murder case.

Credit: Lucifer/ YouTube