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The love triangle will continue to be the main focus of the plot in “Lucifer” season 3 episode 21. Marcus (Tom Welling) will continue to pursue Chloe (Lauren German), but this time it is different. The Devil will be worried about the outcome and he too will have to make a move to win over the detective.

A preview video of the next episode has been released online [see below]. The video show Chloe still hurting from the fact that Marcus broke up with her. The detective will confess to Trixie (Sacrlett Estevez) about the breakup, and by the looks of it she has still not gotten over it.

Meanwhile, Marcus has really fallen for Chloe. After planning to use her to remove his curse, he backed out at the last minute; fearing that hurting the detective for his selfish motives is not worth it. Cain was rewarded for taking such a selfless action. However, instead of just dying, which is what he has been after for thousands of years, he will plan to woo Chloe.

The first step in winning back the affections of Chloe is to send her flowers. The detective’s car will be covered with flowers with a note sent from Marcus in the next episode.

The detective will try to get over her grief by concentrating on her work. Morningstar will help her with a case involving the death of a ballerina.

When Morningstar sees that Marcus is attempting to gain the affections of Chloe for real this time, he will consult with Linda (Rachael Harris) about what to do. The Devil too wants Chloe to love him, and choose him over Cain.

The next episode will be big for Marcus because he will propose to Chloe, and Morningstar will see him do it. Will the detective say yes, and get married to Cain?

Credit: Lucifer/ YouTube