“Final Fantasy XIII” trilogy was confirmed for PC by developer Square Enix earlier this month. Finally, the third installment, "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII," is now available on Steam.

According to the Steam listing, the concluding chapter of the “Final Fantasy XIII” saga is available for download with 10 percent discount. The PC port brings free character customization and many action based battles. The PC version of “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” includes almost all the DLCs that were released earlier for consoles. However, it does not include Aerith costume from “Final Fantasy VII” and Steam has no plan to bring it in future. The PC version for “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” includes Japanese voice over, new costumes, weapons and shields, and allows 60 fps gameplay.

Fans need not worry about story alterations,as the “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” PC version keeps the original story intact. During gameplay, the players will take control of protagonist Lightning while learning new battle techniques. Players will be able to customize the character with a wide range of costumes and weapons. It will also affect Lightning’s skills and abilities. On top of that, the game supports Full HD display, so the player will be able to enjoy the game on wide screen at a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.

According to the official blog of Square Enix, “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” focuses on series heroine Lightning’s final battle. The game does bring a bit of a challenge, as time is a big factor. Lightning only has 13 days to save the world. Players see an in-game clock that reminds them to act quickly. The clock pauses during cutscenes, dialogues and battles. The clock time extends as the players complete side quests and story mission.

“Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” can be purchased for US $17.99 (approx. AU $25) via Steam. However, as a holiday, time-limited discount, Steam is slashing off 10 percent from its price tag until Dec. 17. Another title in the series “Final Fantasy VI” is also slated for Steam release by next week. The title will include Steam Trading cards, achievements and much more content.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Pc Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)