“Final Fantasy VI” is coming to Steam for PC. With the excitement for the “Final Fantasy VII” remake, Square Enix is telling the epic journey of Terra Branford with recreated graphics and optimised control in “Final Fantasy VI” for the PC.

According to the Steam listing, this new PC version will release on Dec. 16. Even with the hyped release of “Final Fantasy VI” on PC , there are chances that fans will be disappointed with the terrible graphics. “Final Fantasy VI” is a 90’s game which was originally released on the SNES. The PC version of “Final Fantasy VI,” however, is based on the mobile version of the game.

The original SNES game looks pretty good, but the new changes make it look hideous.The PC version of “Final Fantasy VI” brings Kazuko Shibuya’s art back with control updates and optimised system for smooth gameplay on PC.

For those unfamiliar, “Final Fantasy VI” debuted as the sixth installment in the popular “Final Fantasy” series. The game lets the players take control of the main characters. Players can even develop their own characters within the game. “Final Fantasy VI” was the first game in the series to introduce the Ultima weapon, a powerful sword that can be seen in subsequent titles of the series as well.

The announcement of the PC release of “Final Fantasy VI”came out with some more announcements about the arrival of new games such as Helldivers, Pool Nation FX and Dirt Rally on Steam. Prior to these announcements a recent interview of Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura was translated by Gematsu.

This comes at an opportune time, since the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” has just been announced. The upcoming remake has been confirmed to follow a multi-episodic release to incorporate more original features and new content into the game.

Being an older game, there are chances that the PC version of “Final Fantasy VI” may not get much attention. While the game has been re-released and it is not available on all the platforms the game may also become a big hit this time. But, it is a hard test for “Final Fantasy VI” this time as the game looks very poor in visuals because it has been smoothed out and made to run on PC.

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Final Fantasy VI Steam Announcement Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)