An online retailer appears to have teased an upcoming customised Xbox One controller for "Final Fantasy XV." The announcement, which comes in the form of the controller's image, suggests that players in Asian territories will get the chance to go with the limited edition Xbox One controller.

Singapore-based retailer Play Asia released an image of the custom Xbox One controller for “Final Fantasy XV." However, the retailer later pulled back the image from both the website and its Facebook post.

The picture looks to be an early prototype, so it is possible that this design could be changed when the final product comes out. It may also be possible that the retailer had posted the image prematurely, as it did not have an accompanying price listing and definite product availability. With only the Asian availability listed, there is no word yet on whether the controller will be available outside the territory.

“Final Fantasy XV” itself has been under development for a very long time. During the many teasers that were released for the game, there has been no mention or hint of any custom bundles or controllers for the game.

Hardcore Gamer reported that Microsoft and Square Enix have teamed up a few years back when they launched “Final Fantasy XIII” in the Eastern region. This makes the release of this custom Xbox One controller for “Final Fantasy XV” natural for these two companies, if the leaked customised Xbox One controller is to be believed.

If the image released by Play Asia is close to the actual look of custom Xbox controller for “Final Fantasy XV,” then it is sure that the product will be in demand. Just like the striking uniforms of the game characters, the new Xbox One controller comes in a combination of black, silver andwhite colours, adding more appeal to the overall gaming experience. Unlike other platform-exclusive designs for controllers, the “Final Fantasy XV” design may be among the more interesting ones to come out.

“Final Fantasy XV” is scheduled for a worldwide release in 2016, with Square Enix still to announce a final launch date. Recently, IGN reported that the publisher may confirm the release date of long awaited “Final Fantasy XV” at a special event in March, as well as rollout out a few other information about the game. A recent statement by director Hajime Tabata suggests that another demo will be available soon for the “Final Fantasy XV” before its release.

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FINAL FANTASY XV – Dawn Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)