League of Legends' update: Anivia skin now available for the mid laner players
In-game screenshot on Anivia's new skin Riot Games/Leagueoflegends.com

New skin has been recently available for the players of “League of Legends.” If gamers have around 975 RP to spare, then the Festival Anivia Skin is now available for them to purchase.

Festival Anivia Skin from the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game by Riot Games is as festive as any skin can get. This particular skin is tagged to be the newest culturally inspired skin that the game has ever had.

The idea of the skin was originally conceptualised by an Argentinian community creator named Jesica “Artsed” Paulin. She came up with the design of the skin and the origin behind it. Her first draft of the Enmascarada or the Masked Bird in English had dark and dull colour schemes.

Paulin decided that her first attempt for the colour scheme needed to be changed. Instead of the original dark hues, she replaced them with more vibrant and colourful shades that focus on purple and pink tones.

Her inspiration for the choices of shades comes from costumes and makeup of dancers seen participating in a festival’s parade. Her work transitioned from the simple skin which highlights colourful feathers and a face covered mask to a mask-like design for Anivia’s wings accompanied with more details inspired by other elements seen in a parade. Some of these elements include the floats, costumes and the dancer's framed headdresses.

The abovementioned skin had the Riot Games developers harness their inspiration from the “Mardi Gras” festival of the United States. The said festival has several interpretations depending on the country they are celebrated in. Some examples would be the “Murgas” of Argentina and the “Maslenitsa” of Russia.

To accompany the new skin design of Anivia, Riot Games product manager Carlos “IamCarlos” Giffoni also did several re-tweaking to make the skin feel more alive in the game. He managed to change the character’s visual effects, sounds and sequences of actions during a battle to coincide with the “Mardi Gras” vibe. This is according to a report from WWG.com.

Overall, one of the goals of the “League of Legends” team is to be able to reach out to all of the different cultures around the world. The team envisions to continue to see how different types of players with different cultural backgrounds come together and work hand in hand with the help of their game.

Once again, for fans who would want to have a feel of the “Mardi Gras” festival they can do so by getting the “League of Legends” Festival Anivia skin for 975 RP. They can also opt to purchase the Festival Queen Icon for 1500 IP.