Mechs vs. Minions
"Mechs vs. Minions" from Riot Games is a spin off board game of "League Of Legends." Facebook/MechsVsMinions

Though it was first released by Riot Games back in 2009, “League Of Legends” is still one of the most recognisable games today. And as if to prove this, the game developer has just announced the release of a spinoff board game, “Mechs vs Minions.”

'Mechs vs Minions': a quick explanation

Other than setting and theme, “Mechs vs Minions” has little in common with how “League Of Legends” is played.

As the official website states, “Mechs vs Minions” is a campaign-based game that is playable with 2 to 4 individuals. Players move forward with the thinking that the “League Of Legends” champions must come together in order to battle an impending threat.

In the tabletop game, the champions all belong to the Yordle race: Corki, Heimerdinger, Tristana and Ziggs. These four champions meet Rumble in order to become his pupils, but must stop when minions take over the school and the surround area of Runeterra.

Players have 10 different missions, which are included in the box and add another dimension to “Mechs vs Minions.”

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How To Play

The game uses programmatic movement, which means each player gets their own command line, where orders will be placed. These commands come in the form of cards that dictate movement, effects and various attacks. Players have the option to combine cards in whatever way they deem more efficient to fight off the minions.

Included Box Items

The “Mech vs Minions” game includes five Mechs and 100 minions. For actual gameplay, there are 96 command cards, 55 damage cards and 40 schematic cards. There are also five map tiles, one bomb piece and four crystal shards to make the game more interesting. In total, there are more than 300 pieces included in the game.

Scheduled Release

“Mech vs Minions” is set to launch on Oct. 30 and at US$75 (AU$100). It will only be available on Riot Games’ online merchandise store.