'League of Legends' reveals Galio champion teaser for patch 7.6
Galio skins available in the game Twitter/LeagueOfLegends

The long-awaited “League of Legends” Galio rework can now be seen by many gamers. After years of hearing complaint about Galio's mediocre and unimpressive physical attributes and unremarkable skill set, the developing team from Riot has revealed Monday that things are about to take a major turn for this hero.

When champion Galio was first revealed in 2010 on the “League of Legends,” he was seen as obsolete, boring and unvaried that nobody would want to use him in battles. But now that this “out of date” hero has undergone major transformation for the upcoming patch 7.6, players are more likely to rethink their opinion about this champion. The rework project for this hero has been known since January this year.

A teaser photo on March 2 showed a colossal Galio silhouette towering over a female hero, who apparently looks like Lux protecting a wounded soldier. The photo posted by the “League of Legends” official Twitter account was captioned, “The Hour of Need.” (See photo after article.)

Galio’s rework was previously teased by Riot but fans were probably not expecting that the final product would be a complete do-over. The rework of the champion now has a distinct aura that tells everyone that he is not someone they should think lightly of. This was evident through a promotional video of Galio on the “League of Legends” Twitter account with a caption saying, “I’m Here. You’re Welcome.” (See video below article).

The new champion remake adds additional ability set to Galio. This includes his passive ability called Colossal Smash. The ability gains an empowered auto-attack that deals magic damage in an area and attacks several enemies around him.

According to Riftherald, his other attacks include Winds of War, Justice Punch and Heroes Welcome, deal bonus damage, knocks up and crashes enemies. His Shield Durand ability resists damages from his enemies. These said abilities makes Galio even more powerful.

According to "League of Legends" writer and analyst James Bates, the Galio rework is a dream come true for everyone who has ever played the game. "As a former Galio 1-trick myself, I had high hopes for this rework. Those hopes have since been shattered, but in a good way" Bates said, quoted the WWG website.

Furthermore, Bates explained that the new look of Galio is head-to-toe different from the original character design that gamers were accustomed to see. But the promising video teaser showed how much the champion has improved skill-wise. Now he can go head on with enemies without fear of being beaten to a pulp.

Avid fans of the “League of Legends” game can get their hands on Galio in Patch 7.6 once it's released. There is still no news as to when the game will be updated for this patch as of the moment.