The Last Of Us II
"The Last Of Us Part II" was officially announced in December 2016 during PlayStation Experience. YouTube/PlayStation

Other than a mysterious teaser trailer and a few broad details, there is very little to know for certain about Naughty Dog’s upcoming “The Last Of Us 2.” This is why a few social media posts by creative director and writer Neil Druckmann is a welcome update, no matter how vague they may be.

In a series of Twitter posts, which can be seen below, Druckmann shared an image and a video from the set of what is arguably Naughty Dog’s most awaited sequel. In the first post, the award-winning writer shared a clip of Shannon Woodward flipping a machete-shaped motion-caption prop. “I’m a little uncomfortable with the ease that @shannonwoodward took to that machete,” he wrote.

It was recently revealed that Woodward would be sharing her talent for “The Last Of Us 2,” but her actual character is still under wraps. Nevertheless, Druckmann’s accompanying statement indicates that the new character will be expertly wielding a machete in the game.

The star of his other post was his co-writer, Halley Gross. In the image, Gross was on top of a motion-capture prop, which seems to be in the shape of a horse. In addition, she was holding a motion-capture gun in her hand. Because Gross is not an actress on the set, it is hard to tell who will be riding the horse on the upcoming game. However, the mere existence of the same appears to confirm that this setup will play into the title.

Druckmann is not the only person on set that has been sharing images during production. Actress Ashley Johnson, who portrays protagonist Ellie, also shared a photo on her Twitter account. The photo captured herself and actor Troy Baker, who plays Joel in the franchise. Both actors had motion-capture dots on their faces. “Back in LA, shooting some video game,” Johnson wrote. “I think it has zombies in it.”

While these images and videos give fans a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes workings of the game, there is really no telling what they mean at this point. Until Druckmann, Gross or any of the cast members confirm the details, the posts are still up for interpretation. However, more information on the dystopian sequel are expected at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The conference will be held on June 13 to June 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“The Last Of Us 2” is set five years after the conclusion of the original game. Druckmann has also confirmed that the theme of the title will focus on hate and that Ellie will be the main protagonist.


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