The Last Of Us 2
"The Last Of Us 2" is the much awaited follow-up of one of Naughty Dog's most beloved franchises, which was released in 2013. YouTube/PlayStation

Several reports have indicated that the release date of “The Last of Us 2” may not be until 2019. This has received a lot of negative attention from fans.

Fans have been excited to find out that the upcoming sequel of “The Last of Us” may be coming by the end of 2017. However, this may not actually be the case. According to the game's creative director Neil Druckmann, the game developer teams will finish with “Uncharted 4” before diving into the sequel of “The Last of Us.” Although Druckmann did not give a definite release date, fans assumed that the game will be released by the end of 2017. Reports have, however, indicated that the game may not be released until 2019.

Naughty Dog has been very silent about any new information about the upcoming sequel. However, there are a lot of fan theories going around, including Joel might be dead and Ellie having an LGBT love interest. On the other hand, these have not yet been confirmed nor are these theories anywhere near confirmation. According to Druckmann, the second instalment of the game is still in early developments.

While the game is still in the early developments, it seems that there may already be a storyline laid out for the game. According to Telegiz, Naughty Dog CEO Evan Wells want to calm fans down by admitting that the upcoming instalment will be more interesting, exciting and thrilling than the first. Wells mentioned that “The Last of Us 2” will have a great and outstanding story. In an interview, he even goes to say that it “will be a great game. We actually just got the story pitch from Neil [Druckmann] very recently, and- it's going to be amazing.”

In other news, there have been several sources that speculated Joel’s death. This is due to the teaser trailer that Naughty Dog sent out for the sequel of “The Last of Us.” However, there is no indication that the trailer is connected to Joel’s death or if he may actually be dead. According to the Wolf Hall, it was released in the description of the upcoming sequel that “Joel and Ellie will be back for another adventure.”

Release date

There is no specific release date for “The Last of Us 2,” as of the time of writing. However, there are several speculations that lead to either a 2018 or 2019 release, according to MobiPicker. On the other hand, there are still several fans that hope for a 2017 release of the game.