Lady Gaga Reveals Her Battle With Bulimia, Anorexia, and Depression: She Wanted to Quit Singing but Tony Bennett Saved Her

She Said That She Wanted to Quit Singing and Felt Dead but Spending Time With Bennett Helped Her
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U.S. singer Lady Gaga speaks during a news conference in Taipei
U.S. singer Lady Gaga speaks during a news conference in Taipei in this July 4, 2011 file photo. Reuters

Lady Gaga was suffering from severe depression earlier this year. The 27 year old singer told Harpers Bazaar that she felt like she was almost dying. She said she was extremely depressed late last year and felt cold. She wanted to keep people away from herself.

"I was angry, cynical, and had this deep sadness like an anchor dragging everywhere I go. I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. I didn't feel like standing up for myself one more time-to one more person who lied to me," she stated.

But however, she came out of it and is doing well now. She credits Tony Bennett for "saving her life" during the hard times and for being there for her.

Speaking of her harsh phase of depression, she told Parade Sept. 10 that she was extremely sad and could not even sleep, she felt dead but spending time with Bennett helped her. "He wanted nothing but my friendship and my voice. I tell Tony every day that he saved my life," she said.

She became depressed due to several incidents that happened one after the other, disagreements with managers and problems with assistants over money and several personal issues as well. These incidents hit the young actress too hard, unable to deal with it, she almost opted to quit singing she said.

Speaking about Bennett's help in her life she said that the 88 year old singer had given her a new perspective, making her realize that there would always be obstacles and minor setbacks, but that is no reason to take such a drastic step of quitting one's career. Bennett himself has gone through bankruptcy and two divorces. Drawing from his own life, she said he told her that quitting his career as a singer was not something he ever wanted to do. This is what gave Gaga a new direction. She said his words, "stung."

Bennett and Gaga have collaborated on a jazz album called "Cheek To Cheek." She calls him her role model.

Talking to the Harpes Bazaar she also revealed that depression was not the only problem she was facing, she also suffered from eating disorders, but stated that she overcame all of them and is good with food now. She said that she is proud that she could get over it.

Earlier this week she posted a photo of herself on Instagram that was criticized by many. Comments on her being fat and gaining weight had begun to flood her page. Gaga responded by tweeting, "I'd rather be fat than shallow." Her fans supported her and she then launched a "body revolution" on Instagram. She wrote, "Proud at any size, because the inside is what really counts. Plus, it's all how you pose! Just ask the supermodels!"

Initially Gaga took too many ways to stay skinny, but now she loves her body and her comment on Instagram says it all. She said that loving her body is something that she has learned over the years. She also stated that more than the size it was the inner self that matters. She urged her fans to love themselves, "at any size."

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