A momentary indiscretion? Not quite. According to recent reports, the affair between "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart and "Snow White and The Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders may have been going on for months and it was also claimed to be something serious.

Leopold Ross, the musician brother of Sander's wife who is also based in Los Angeles, has revealed to People magazine that Stewart's relationship with his brother-in-law started from the last half of "Snow White and The Huntsman" filming, all through the post-production until their affair has been exposed by releasing incriminating photographs between the two.

The brother of Liberty Ross also spoke about the crumbling 10-year marriage of his sister and Rupert Sanders. This apparently added some insight and gave some clarity to the number of rumors that has been circulating since the cheating scandal broke out. According to Leopold Ross, his model sister has already made enough sacrifices by moving to California for Sander's directing career.

"Doubt it was worth moving to LA but it is life. It might actually make things better in the long run. She wasn't that happy for a while, but our family is close, she'll be all right," Leopold Ross said.

Meanwhile, in another story development, Australian actress Emilie de Ravin has been dragged into this mess because it appears that her friendship with Robert Pattinson may actually be the reason why Kristen Stewart went to pursue director Rupert Sanders. Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin has worked together last 2009 for the film "Remember Me" and the on-screen pairing has formed a friendship that has been seen a couple of times as the two spent many evenings together in New York City.

"As their friendship grew, she became more envious to the point that she would be very upset. They struck up their friendship when they were working away in New York and Kristen was still living in Los Angeles. Nothing romantic ever happened between them but it did not make Kristen feel any better about them being so close," a source close to Kristen Stewart revealed to People magazine.

Is this now considered a case of jealousy and revenge? Well, the photographs that showed Stewart and Sanders kissing made Robert Pattinson move out of the $6 million worth of Los Angeles home that he shares with Kristen Stewart, his "Twilight" co-star and girlfriend.