Rumored couple Ashton Kutcher and "Friends with Benefits" actress Mila Kunis were reportedly seen being a little bit intimate with each other during a wrap party at The Duplex in Los Angeles for Ashton Kutcher's upcoming movie "Jobs."

Lately, the pair has been often photographed going out and about in Hollywood. Are they really dating or just close friends? Do you think the two would make a cute pair?

At this point in time, it looks like that Kutcher and Kunis may have to give up acting that they are just close friends. During the party, a witness shared that there is no doubt that the two are indeed a couple. "They showed up as a couple and left as a couple. They appeared to be lighthearted and in good spirits, and hardly left each other's side. They stayed within five feet of each other practically the entire evening. They spent a lot of the night engaging others in conversation while maintaining close affection. It looked like young love," the witness said.

The said party was for Ashton Kutcher's upcoming film entitled "Jobs" where he portrays the Apple magnate, Steve Jobs. There were around 300 guests present at the wrap party including rapper P-Diddy and actor Dermot Mulroney.

Kutcher took the liberty of making the actress his hot date at the party. It can be recalled that Kutcher and Kunis both portrayed the roles of teenage lovebirds on the hit TV series "That 70's Show." When recently asked for the August 2012 issue of Interview why Kunis refuses to watch herself in any reruns of the famous TV show, the actress simply responded that she would just cringe.

"You can see me go through puberty, and who wants to watch that?" Kunis said.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher recently got divorced from actress Demi Moore and the couple split up due to the alleged cheating of Kutcher. Demi Moore, who then became devastated and was required treatment for her drug addiction, was reported to becoming once again upset upon hearing the couple rumors surrounding her ex-husband and Mila Kunis.