Kingdom Hearts 2
"Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" is an HD remastered collection of previous titles released within the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise from Square Enix. Facebook/Kingdom Hearts

“Kingdom Hearts” is arguably one of the most popular and well-received franchises to come from Square Enix. The call for “Kingdom Hearts 3” has therefore been particularly loud and persistent, but the game developer is poised to silent this soon - hopefully with awes of admiration.

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“Kingdom Hearts 2” was released more than a decade ago in 2005, and while it has been followed up by other games in the franchise -- the most recent being “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” -- fans are still clamoring for “Kingdom Hearts 3.” A report generated by Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything) even lists it as the ninth most wanted game. Famitsu uses a scoring system that takes advantage of a cross review to rate upcoming these titles and generate its list.

The most recent addition from Square Enix to the franchise is “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” which will fill some of the plot gaps in previous games. And while other reports have claimed that 2.9 will soon follow, producer Shinji Hashimoto was quick to kill these rumours.

During a panel last month at Lucca Comics & Games 2016 in Italy, Hashimoto revealed that the plot of “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” will lead directly to the story of “Kingdom Hearts 3.” The upcoming title contants a remaster of “Kingdom Hearts 3D” as well as new content that relates to “Birth Of Sleep,” which is specifically called “A Fragmentary Passage.” Hashimoto then went on to say that this particular portion of the game is strongly connected to the much awaited full sequel.

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“Kingdom Hearts 3” was announced about three years ago, but has still not received an official release date. Since it was unveiled, however, Square Enix has released a series of screenshots, brief descriptions and a few trailers. Nevertheless, if Hashimoto is correct in saying that 2.8 will be the last before the next complete story, fans might be able to get their hands on the title soon as “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” will be released for PlayStation 4 on Jan. 24, 2017.

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