Kingdom Hearts 3
"Kingdom Hearts 3" will be Square Enix's next release for the franchise and has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. YouTube/Kingdom Hearts

Despite being one of Square Enix’s most awaited releases, there are very little known facts about “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Other than a few confirmed worlds and a fast paced trailer, there is hardly anything to go on -- except “Kingdom Hearts 2.8.”

“Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” was announced on September 2015 but was just officially released last month. The title is actually a collection of various chapters in the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise and acts as the direct predecessor of the next full numbered chapter. Many have therefore turned to the same as a clue or indicator regarding specific inspiration and spoilers.

One chapter in “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” is called “0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage.” As IGN has claimed, this particular portion is more than just a way to lay out the setting, but actually offers plenty of insight when it comes to what can be expected in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” And while players control Aqua in the title, gamers are actually provided vital details to the next adventure of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Throughout its years in the business, Square Enix has taken a creative hand to the battles and combats in “Kingdom Hearts.” In 2.8, Aqua has abilities and skills that are likely to be unique to her character, but the publication has argued that the feel of combat is likely to be the same. The current title feels more fluid, fun and powerful than any of its predecessors. It is this type of consistency that is likely to be seen in “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Nevertheless, some notable changes are also expected for the upcoming title. New types or forms of magic are likely to be included, as well as new and more powerful commands. Furthermore, it is speculated that Drive Forms will be making a return to the game as well.

When it comes to the storyline, co-director Tai Yasue has already previously confirmed that “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” leads directly to “Kingdom Hearts 3.” This is particularly evident in “Birth By Sleep.” In the epilogue scene of its theatre mode, which is entitled “2.9 - The First Volume," everything returns to the present time line. Players then find out that King Mickey and Riku are off to find Aqua and save her from the Dark World. Meanwhile, Kairi makes her way to train with Lea -- or Axel's previous human form -- to become a Keyblade master. Sora, Donald and Goofy then appear to Yen Sid, who tells them that despite Sora losing a lot of his abilities, he is still the only one that can unite the guardians of light and ultimately stop the evil plaguing their worlds.

From its title alone, “2.9 - The First Volume,” is thought by many to be the direct prologue to “Kingdom Hearts III,” and it does offer plenty of legroom for a full numbered chapter to begin from. There has been no confirmation from Square Enix, but fans of the franchise have become convinced that this will be the tipping point of the upcoming chapter. At the very least, it is speculated that this is where Sora’s next story will begin.


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