Kim Kardashian
TV personality Kim Kardashian says her daughter North West (not pictured) posted a photo of her on Instagram. Here, Kardashian arrives at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, August 30, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is pregnant with her second child with rapper Kanye West. Now that she’s already seven months along, comedienne Ellen Degeneres has come up with some hilarious name suggestions.

"I do like the name Easton,” says Kim, as she talked to Ellen on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on Tuesday. The pregnant star has been inundated with name suggestions ever since she announced she was pregnant again. Because the couple’s first child is cleverly named North West, numerous directional names have been suggested.

However, Kim has definitely shut the door at one of the most popular suggestions. “It's definitely not South. Every time someone says South I just want to roll my eyes,” she said. Ellen decided to give her own suggestions and put forward names like "Head," "Wild," "Mid" and "Eastmeets."

Kim laughed at the suggestions especially after trying to say them out loud. Imagine calling a baby "Eastmeets West" or "Wild West." In the end, she said she would start seriously considering names once she hits the eight-month mark. The baby is reportedly due in December, close to the Christmas holidays.

The couple’s daughter, North, is already 2 years old. Their second child is reportedly a boy. In the same interview with Ellen, Kim revealed that a psychic friend told her that she could conceive twins in 2018.

Before conceiving her second child, Kim had to undergo multiple fertility treatments and surgeries. She has also faced numerous health complications during both her pregnancies. With only a few months to go, Kim is hoping to avoid serious complications leading up to her delivery.

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