Sarah Hamlin
A photo of Sarah Hamlin (center)

Senior policewoman Sarah Hamlin has been responsible for the security of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Sandringham Estate since she started serving in 1986. Recently, she had quite her role with an unseeming outburst on micro blogging site Twitter.

The Chief Constable of Norfolk Police said that she can “no longer make a difference” and that her values do not anymore fit the organisation. In a later post, she tweeted that she wishes all her colleagues and friends “all the best” and that everyone should hope that “policing can recover and the officers and staff welfare is prioritised.”

This, of course, brought some suspicions as to why a seemingly privileged job ended apparently bitter, but Hamlin later clarified that “I am retiring! Looking forward to spending time with family and friends” while playing golf and kayaking. She also adds that there are still dreams that she would like to pursue and that she has to make up for lost time that she could spend doing other things that she loves.

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Sarah Hamlin is a mother of two. She had served as a uniformed officer and a detective at all ranks including Chief Inspector, writes Mirror.

Hamlin later on said in a formal statement that she had a “fantastic career” and that she had fully “enjoyed her 30 years with Norfolk Constabulary” she adds that she has many treasured memories and no doubt, those are some of the best forces she could have possibly worked with.

In response, fellow police officer and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk Lorne Greene said that he was sadden upon hearing the news that Sarah Hamlin would be out soon. He adds that in the “three and a half months that I have been Police and Crime Commissioner” he had worked with her a number of times and had been impressed by her commitment and professionalism. Other fellow cops also expressed their grief on Twitter on the retirement of a beloved colleague.

Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, reports that Hamlin’s resignation points out that working for the royal couple comes with very few benefits and more stress than most people are willing to handle. Being responsible for the security and protection of William, Kate, and family was less than rewarding considering that William and Kate had been taking several vacations a year as she made huge sacrifices for them.