Rumours are circulating that the Middletons and the Buckingham Palace Royals are feuding over Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The families of the Duke and the Duchess are allegedly engaged in a whole new royal war.

Kate Middleton’s mother and Prince Charles have allegedly been in a face-off over their grandchildren. Although the royals appear to be living a perfect life, what happens behind the curtains is not always revealed. A war has reportedly taken place, with Kate being caught in the middle.

Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother, has been very close to her grandchildren and bonds with them very often. This behaviour is allegedly making Prince Charles very jealous and feel excluded from their lives.

William and Kate have reportedly been heavily involved in the dispute and hope that the issue settles down. The least that they want to happen would be a full blown war between their families.”William hates drama so he asked Kate to speak to her mother,” says the source.

However, a report by Gossip Cop attacks the harsh rumours and says that the families are at loving peace with one another. There is no jealousy or family feud at all that is happening.

It also slams the original source, Life and Style, saying that it is not expected to know anything about the issue at hand since it is the very same source of the false news that the Royal Duchess was pregnant with her third child and was expected to give birth this Christmas.

Gossip Cop had also earlier debunked a rumour about another alleged family feud. That one involved a reported fight between Middleton and the Queen, alleging that the latter was fuming over Kate’s diva attitude.

While the popularity of the Royal Family has made them loved all around the world, it appears that even they have been at the receiving end of arbitrarily false news. Fortunately, reliable sources are always up to clearing anything that happens to make unnecessary issues. The Royals have yet to comment on the matter, although it’s not likely they would do so publicly.

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