Justin Timberlake was emotional during Saturday’s 2015 Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction, where he delivered an almost 20 minute speech and thanked his “rock” – wife Jessica Biel.

Timberlake joins the list of singers such as Elvis Presley and Otis Redding, who were inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. According to E!News, the former N Sync band member was introduced by his close friend, Jimmy Fallon, during Saturday’s event held at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, and true to form, the comedian and TV host started it off with a joke.

"When they first asked me to help induct Justin into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, three things came to mind: How much? Where am I staying? And most importantly, how do I get out of this," he joked. "This is Justin Timberlake we're talking about, and who better to induct him than me, Mrs. Justin Timberlake."

Fallon continued by saying that the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction was a big honor for Timberlake and that it “couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.” He went on to name a few of the singer’s contribution to the music industry such as “Cry Me a River,” “SexyBack,” “Suit & Tie,” and “Mirrors.”

In accepting the honor, Timberlake said that it was the “f------ coolest thing” that ever happened to him. The singer also mentioned how his “favourite part” about Memphis is that it doesn’t ask people to apologize for who they are. Timberlake even said that it was “who this city has taught [him] to be."

The singer, songwriter and actor was also teary eyed when he paid homage to the “great artists” and “legends” that he grew up listening to. Timberlake even stated how “honoured” he felt for being able to “stand alongside them now.”

Before moving on to perform during Saturday’s event, Timberlake also acknowledged his wife Biel and even called her his “rock,” describing her as "beautiful, loving and incredibly understanding" partner.

"Baby, I love you more than I could put into words and more than any song I could ever write," he said.

Meanwhile, Timberlake performed vocal impersonations of soul singers Al Green and Redding during the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction event, Billboard reported. Timberlake, a Memphis native, also performed with Sam Moore of duo “Sam & Dave.”

Other inductees to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, which started in 2012, includes Presley, Redding, Three 6 Mafia, Big Star, Albert King and Carla Thomas.

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