Justin Bieber Sofia Richie
Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie Instagram/Sofia Richie

Justin Bieber proved over the weekend that his wild days are not behind him. He has been photographed passionately kissing girlfriend Sofia Richie and accused of making a very public sex video.

On Aug. 24, Richie turned 18, and Bieber took her out on a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate. The two could not keep their hands off each other, however, and things got a little out of hand as the two shared kisses by the beach.

It seemed to have started innocently enough, with Bieber keeping his arms around Richie, and the two sharing swift smooches. The photographs, taken by Mail Online, show that things started to get heavy when the birthday celebrant propped herself up on the “Sorry” singer. After which, Bieber held his girlfriend down with kisses, while she loosely had her legs wrapped around him.

At one point, the 22-year-old musician had his rear on full display after pulling down his light pink trunks. In these photos, an unidentified man is also seen interrupting the couple. From what the man is wearing and the walkie talkie in his hands, it can be assumed that he worked for the resort. After a quick chat, Bieber and Richie cleaned themselves up before making their way back to what is assumed to be their room.

After the release of these photos, Twitter went into a frenzy with #JustinsSexTapeLeakedParty. The public share very mixed views on the social media site, with many questioning why Bieber was so public with his affection when he has disclosed he also wants his privacy.

Others accused Richie of knowing that the photos were being taken, and that she was pleased about them.

There were also plenty of Selena Gomez fans that took the opportunity to compare Bieber’s ex with his current girlfriend. They claim Richie, who appeared to be wearing a similar swimsuit to the one Gomez had previously worn, was a copy that's "never better than the original."

At this point, neither Bieber nor Richie has publicly addressed the photographs.