'Jurassic World': Full List Of Dinosaurs In The Movie Revealed

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The complete list of all the dinosaurs appearing in “Jurassic World” has been revealed by the producers. The fans have been teased with information about some of the dinosaurs in the movie from time to time on the official website. [Spoiler Alert!]

Fans of the franchise may already be familiar with the Indominus Rex, Mosasaurus and the Velociraptors that will be appearing in the movie. The official website of JurassicWorld now lists all the dinosaurs appearing in the movie, along with the description for each dinosaur.

The description for each dinosaur also comes with an “aggression index.” The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Mosasaurus are placed in the “high” category in the aggression index, while the Velociraptors and the new hybrid dinosaur have been placed in the very high category.

Some of the other carnivorous dinosaurs in “Jurassic world” include Baryonyx, Metriacanthosaurus and Suchomimus. The name Baryonyx means “heavy claw” and it’s one of the largest fish-eating dinosaurs. Metriacanthosaurus means “moderately-spined lizard” and it eats other dinosaurs. Suchomimus means “crocodile mimic,” the dinosaur that used to live in Africa during the Cretaceous period. All three dinosaurs can be found in the Cretaceous Cruise at the park.

The two dinosaurs that are capable of flight in “Jurassic World” are the Dimorphodon and the Pteranodon. The two dinosaurs primarily eat fish but can be seen attacking the visitors of the park in the trailers. The two dinosaurs can be seen at the Aviary in the park.

The herbivorous dinosaurs in “Jurassic World” include Ankylosaurus and the Apatosaurus that can viewed during the Gyrosphere ride.  The Edmontosaurus and Parasaurolophus are herbivorous dinosaurs that can be found in the Gallimimus Valley. The Gallimimus dinosaur is the only omnivore in the movie.

The Microceratus and the Stegosaurus are herbivorous dinosaurs that can be found in the Cretaceous Cruise at the park. The Pachycephalosaurus is placed at the Pachy Arena and the Triceratops will be seen at the Triceratops Territory in “Jurassic World.”

Some of these locations in the park have featured in the trailers of “Jurassic World.” Dinosaurs and humans alike will face danger in the upcoming movie when the Indominus Rex escapes from its paddock.

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