“Judas Ghost” is a horror flick that tells the story of a team of professional ghost finders who are trapped in an old village hall and they encounter something far worse than what they had anticipated. The movie is based on a novel by Simon R. Green, who is also the screenwriter of the movie.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia Green talked about his experience with the movie project and his favourite scene from the movie.

“When I talked to the director Simon Pearce, after the first showing, I paid him the best compliment I could; You made the film I wanted to see. That doesn’t always happen in Hollywood,” Green said. The writer said that he was “absolutely delighted” when he first saw his work getting adapted into a movie.

“He really nailed the mood and atmosphere, and brought marvellous performances out of the cast. And I have to say, it was a real charge when I visited the set, and saw before me something that had only existed in my imagination before,” Green said.

Although the final cut of the movie won the appreciation of the author, it had its own challenges while being made. “The real challenge was the budget,” Green said. The writer had to make many changes to make sure that the movie was made within the budget.

While making the movie, however, the director requested Green to make changes to the script. “Although the basic plot and structure never changed, Simon kept pressuring me to refine the story, punch up the dialogue, work on the mood and the characters so as to get the maximum impact,” Green said.

The author also praised all the cast members for putting in their best efforts to help bring the characters in his mind to life. There were also some fun moments for the author when he spent time interacting with the cast members. “One actor asked me where all these weird ideas and images came from, and I just said; That’s what it looks like inside my head all the time,” Green said.

Green’s favourite scene in the movie is right in the beginning when the characters find that the door they came in through is no longer there and a “blank expanse of wall” takes its place. “There’s a very real scare, in discovering you can’t trust your surroundings,” the author said.

Although Green has written many books and they have been optioned; they haven’t been adapted to a movie yet. “I started the ball rolling on the film ‘Judas Ghost’ myself, because I got fed up with seeing my books optioned, but never actually produced. Hopefully now ‘Judas Ghost’ is finding audiences, I can get more of my books adapted,” the writer said.

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