Jennifer Aniston
Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California January 15, 2015. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Jennifer Aniston has praised Angelina Jolie and her directorial film “Unbroken.” The “Cake” star has called her alleged rivalry with her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s new wife “tiresome and old.”

In an interview with ET, the 45-year-old actress spared a rare moment to talk about Jolie, and what a generous talk it has been! Aniston not only praised the 39-year-old filmmaker’s directing style, but she also applauded “Unbroken,” indicating she has seen the film.

“I think that’s really coming to an end, I really do,” the gracious actress said of the media’s constant comparison of her and Jolie. “That movie is so beautiful and wonderful, and she did such a gorgeous job. I think it’s time people stop with that petty B.S. and just start celebrating great work and stop with the petty kind of silliness.”

She also has something to say about her reported “tiresome and old” rivalry with Jolie, saying it’s “like an old leather shoe. Let’s buy a new pair of shiny shoes.”

Aniston also briefly talked about her “rivalry” with Jolie with the New York Times, but refused to spare more than a few seconds on the subject. She said it was “ridiculous” that their names always appear in the same sentence even though they have nothing to do with each other. When asked more about Jolie and Pitt, she declined, saying she didn’t want to “give fuel to the fire.”

At the Critics’ Choice Awards in California on Thursday, both Aniston and Jolie were up for an award; the “Friends” star for Best Actress for “Cake,” while Jolie was a hopeful for Best Director for “Unbroken.” Unfortunately, both also left empty-handed, losing to Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”) and Richard Linklater (“Boyhood”) respectively. They were also left out of the Oscar race, neither scoring a nod at the Academy Awards.

According to reports, Aniston and Jolie missed bumping into each other on the Critics’ Choice red carpet by mere minutes, and they were seated a few tables away at the ceremony. Aniston was with her fiancé Justin Theroux, while Jolie was alone; Pitt was noticeably absent at the event.