Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Mark Notton, head of portfolio Samsung Europe, shows Galaxy Tab S3 during an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2017. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a highly-anticipated device that is bound to be compared with the Apple iPad Pro. MWC 2017 is well underway in Barcelona, Spain, and Samsung has already announced the brand new member of the Galaxy family. The high-end tablet obviously has certain similarities with the Apple tablet. Both have 9.7-inch displays and both come with a stylus. The two have similarly-positioned fingerprint scanner too. The South Korean tech giant has also launched its own Samsung Pencil.

According to Tech Radar, apart from the similarities between Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Apple iPad Pro, differences are aplenty. Design-wise, the Apple iPad Pro has a metal ceramic feel whereas the Samsung tab has a glossy glass around from the screen. Experts are divided in their opinion as to which one has a classier feel. Some believe that the Galaxy Tab S3 feels lighter and thinner with the glass back and a bit more premium than the iPad Pro. Of course there are Apple fanatics who would disagree completely with this notion.

As a counter-view, some experts have mentioned that the Galaxy Tab S3 is a scaled up Galaxy smartphone whereas the iPad Pro belongs to the Apple OS ecosystem with apps specifically designed to suit it. Hence, they feel that the iPad Pro provides a true tablet experience. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, however, comes with a Pencil but the other does not. Both are not equipped with keyboards in the box. The Galaxy Tab is expected to provide eight to nine hours after full charge. The Apple iPad Pro comes with a slightly larger battery that gives about 10 hours.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Apple iPad Pro could be priced similarly. Thus, everything comes down to the operating system and brand loyalty. Apple fans, who are used to the entire Apple ecosystem will choose the iPad Pro, whereas, Android users will go for the Galaxy Tab S3. A video comparing the two is also available on YouTube. Watch the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs iPad Pro comparison video on YouTube. Samsung is expected to release its highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 smartphone sometime soon. Apple will release the iPhone 8 in September.

While the two tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Apple iPad Pro, have clashed with some impressive specs and features, the world is eagerly waiting for the two flagship phones to clash too. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Samsung and Apple devices.