iOS 10 release
Apple's iOS 10 update will be available for download starting Sep. 13, 2016.

Apple has seeded the second beta for iOS 10.3.3 to developers, a version that hardly comes with key changes. Similar to iOS 10.3.2, the new update offers minor security improvements and bug fixes plus wallpapers catered to 12.9-inch iPad Pro owners.

The release of the second beta for iOS 10.3.3 comes two weeks after the first, Mac Rumors reports. The only notable feature it has to offer was a fix to a minor bug tied to iOS 10.3.2.

While it seems a near-perfect beta version, registered developers can try and see for themselves. A copy of iOS 10.3.3 second beta can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center, a chance for developers to experiment and perform tests on their end.

Though it was not mentioned how much more iOS 10.3.3 betas will follow, the OS is more than likely to be the last update for the iOS 10 series. iOS 11 should be showcased at the upcoming WorldWide Developers Conference on June 5. However, the expected reveal will see iOS 11 going through the usual testing process before an official rollout. The next Apple OS is more than likely to come out in the fall.

With yet another update to iOS 10.3.3, chances of seeing an iOS 10 jailbreak continue to spiral. Pangu was linked to a possible release of a working iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak. Weeks have passed and the Chinese hacking group has not deployed anything following the release of iOS 10.3.2 in mid-May.

Much of that was covered in a previous post. The thing here is that Pangu has a track record of teasing iOS jailbreaks, though they never got released. A clear example is the iOS 10 jailbreak they showcased at the MOSET 2016.

To joggle reader memories, a fully working iOS 10 jailbreak never really came out. The closest was a semi-working crack from individual hackers. The most popular was from Italian hacker Lucas Todesco, though it could only be used for models before iPhone 7/ 7Plus. Todesco eventually bowed out of the iOS 10 jailbreak race.

With Apple seemingly perfected their mobile operating system, hopes of seeing a working crack have diminished for the Apple Jailbreaking community. If ever there is one, it may take massive work to catch up with Apple, who is way ahead by avoiding exploits and hacks.