iOS 10 release Australia
Apple's iOS 10 update is downloadable starting Sep. 13, 2016. Apple

The Apple Jailbreaking community can only hope for the best without a working iOS jailbreak so far. There is word that Chinese hacking groups may try the iOS 10.3.1 again, although most are not as confident based on the occurrences the past months.

Pangu has been silent for quite some time, unable to come up with an iOS 10 jailbreak. Individual hackers like Lucas Todesco have tried to offer something for the Apple Jailbreaking community though their versions have come short.

Todesco tried to offer an iOS 10.2 jailbreak, something that drew praise at least for a short period. But the catch to it was that the crack only covered devices prior to the iPhone 7, a limitation what would have sufficed. The Italian never got beyond that iOS 10.2 jailbreak and eventually tweeted that he would no longer be participating in future crack attempts, the iDownloadblog reports.

The possibility of Todesco bowing out of the iOS 10 jailbreak game may be irrelevant. Ever since, all eyes were on Pangu and TaiG. Unfortunately, their recent track record leaves a lot to be desired. That includes the alleged upcoming iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak which may not even see the light of day.

History can support this claim. Last year, Pangu did show off an iOS 10 jailbreak that never went public. With Apple aggressively patching their flawed operating system, it came to a point that rolling out an iOS jailbreak went for naught.

Looking at the iOS landscape, the same holds true. Apple has applied major changes and one involves the new iOS filing system. This means that the iOS framework will carry a different structure, forcing developers to shift their focus on 64-bit systems.

iOS 9.3 had the last working jailbreak, and a lot of phones have upgraded ever since. Fixes and patches are equally relevant, meaning all those past jailbreak versions are history – together with the apps initially available the illegal way.

Looking ahead, most are left befuddled why hackers have failed to take advantage of the buggy iOS 10. Security experts have discovered flaws, yet digging in to squeeze some sort of iOS 10 jailbreak have sputtered.

Hence, the only choice iOS device owners may have right now is to play it fair. With no iOS jailbreak seemingly happen moving forward, most have to deal with the fact that getting official apps by shelling out cash is already a given.