Former "Lost" star Josh Holloway currently shines in the new CBS TV series "Intelligence" where he portrays lead character Gabriel Vaughn, the ex-Delta Force operative with a powerful chip implanted in his brain. The 44-year-old actor acknowledges "Lost" has helped in his career, but it is now time for him to move on from the con-man character Sawyer in the ABC series and try something new.

"I wanted a distance, a separation from the last show. A different look altogether," Josh Holloway revealed in the 77Square report. The actor described the new TV series "Intelligence" to be an action-packed show that deals with human relationships.

In "Intelligence," Holloway portrays a guy with an implanted chip in his brain that can access worldwide information, and his acting skills are put to the test in filming the scenes where he scans the computer data without any dialogue. The TV star revealed doing those scenes require a lot of internal work, but he is still trying to work them out.

"How emotional can he be? Well, he's a spy. They're trained to be less emotional. But he has to show he has a lot of heart because he volunteered for this program," the former model explained. The main emotional reason behind Gabriel Vaughn's involvement in the U.S. Cyber Command program is to find his wife and ex-CIA field agent Amelia Hayes portrayed by another "Lost" star, Zuleikha Robinson.

Another thing that Josh Holloway prepares for before filming is physical strength, since his character is expected to run and fight for his life in "Intelligence." The actor revealed that he loves to do stunts, but he can only do what is instructed.

"I have a very healthy respect for stunt men...and I like to walk around. In today's stunt world, if you're not trained for certain things then you shouldn't be doing them," Josh stated, as he recalled his stunt work in Tom Cruise's "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Holloway revealed that he did the drop in the film as Agent Hanaway, but the filming team did not allow him to jump the building.

CBS Network excitedly offered its new TV series "Intelligence" at the 2014 Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour and the premiere on Tuesday night, Jan 7, had 16 million viewers absorbed. However, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that viewers dropped to 6 million when the network moved the TV show's permanent schedule and time slot on Monday nights.

Executive producer Michael Seitzman admitted that the massive drop in ratings "sucked," but it was great to be plugged as the no. 1 new show on television. "That didn't suck," actress Marg Helgenberger, who portrays U.S. Cyber Command Director Lillian Strand, stated.

"Intelligence" airs Monday nights at 9 pm CT or 10 pm ET on the CBS network.

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