Inmates of 'Hey Dad…!' actor Robert Hughes attack him with poop and urine on his first day of prison

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“Hey Dad…!” actor Robert Hughes, who has been imprisoned on charges of indecent assault against children, was attacked by the inmates. As soon as he started walking into a yard in Goulburn Prison in 2014, the prisoners threw cartons of faeces and urine at him through a fence that separated Hughes from at least 30 other inmates.

The attack, which was pre-planned, left Hughes covered with poop and urine on his first day in jail. In his new book “Australia’s Most Murderous Prison: Behind the Walls of Goulburn Jail,” writer James Phelps has revealed that the inmates didn’t miss covering Hughes.

One of the Goulburn guards said, “They just unloaded, piss and poo — they covered him in it. It was his first day in Goulburn and he was brought out into the yard.” According to an extract published in the Sunday Telegrap, the attack left Hughes traumatised so much that he wet his own pants and sobbed frantically while phoning his wife Robyn Gardiner.

Another guard recalled that Hughes told his wife that he “can’t stay here” as it was no less than hell. He cried to his wife, saying, “You have to get me out,” overheard the guard. The inmates were supposedly waiting for the celebrity guests and upon his arrival, taunting him with “Hey Dad, cop this you kiddyfiddling f***.”

According to the Australian , Hughes feared getting killed as he was kept among other sex offenders. One of the officers reportedly said that he wasn’t sure of how the inmates knew he was coming. They were waiting for him with their milk cartons full of their excrement.

The officer also said the former sitcom star was crying while he was dripping in poop and urine. He tried cleaning himself but that wasn’t possible without a shower and “he was a stinking mess,” added the officer. It has also been reported that Hughes was so traumatised by the incident that he has since worn a ski jacket, even in summer when the temperature is almost 40C.

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